Our Programs

Educational Support

One of our main goals is to provide educational support for those who have promising talents and who aspire but they don’t afford to go to school. We know that finishing school is really important today so we give children a chance to study as long as they are willing to do the hard work. Our scholarships are funded by different sponsors who are willing to donate and provide the necessities needed in studying. As educators, we value education so much and we want others to have a quality education.

After School Programs

After school programs with different kinds of seminars and courses are offered to the community. anyone who is interested can join.


We seek students that has a good school background and offer them a scholarship to secure their future and to give them a chance as long as they are willing to work hard.

STEM Courses

STEM courses are also offered because most jobs require skill from these courses and have a relatively higher wage from other jobs.

Nutrition Programs

One of the programs that we provide is the nutrition programs. As poverty is all around us we help the poor people who are malnourished and give them foods and supplements to become healthy. We also donate to other charities that do the same programs as they also help those who are in need. Donations are accepted on our project and also for those who want to do volunteer works.

“No one has ever become poor by giving”

-Anne Frank

Disaster Response

Another program that we provide the community is our disaster response program. This program focuses on any type of disaster. We aim to provide help for those affected by disaster by giving relief goods such as food, clothes, and toiletries donated by the community. We  organize the volunteers that would help on fixing the donations and volunteers who will be helping on-site of the disaster through rescue operations and any assistance that is needed.